Sub-committees of the Board


Remit: Structure, lifts, electric services, exterior repairs and decorations including garages, leaseholder alterations and renovations, TV aerials, broadband, roadways andpavements, river wall, fire alarms, CCTV cameras, execution of interior decorations, security, garages and parking.

Membership: Michael Kightley (Chair), Peter Blenk, Mike Dudgeon, Kenneth West.


Remit: Accounts, budgets, service charge and annual reserve charge, major cyclical expenditure, Investment of RCL reserves including portfolio, controlled tenancies.

Membership: Nick Green, (Chair), Peter Green, Michael Stevens, Tim Soane. In attendance: Mitali Kelly (BluePeak).


Remit: Boilers, heating and hot water services, mains water, storage tanks and cold water supplies, water hygiene, future water and heating services including legal implementation.

Membership: Michael Stevens (Chair), Peter Green, Tim Soane, Gerald Wombwell. In attendance: John Wells (JRM Associates).


Remit: Selection and condition of interior decorations, carpets, cleaning, moth and vermin control, store rooms, health and safety (including accessibility, potential danger points, emergency planning and protocols), staffing, events, website, contact details, newsletter, garden (but see below).

Membership: Deborah Richards (Chair), Fiona Fowler, Marguerite Griffiths, Jean Henderson, Rosemary Raza, Jenefer Tatham, Shane van Rossum, Lizzie Wombwell.


Remit: Care of garden and planted areas immediately adjacent to the complex (including “secret garden” tubs and window boxes), monitoring gardener’s or contractor’s performance and skills

Membership: Alexandra Gibbs (Chair), Trish Babtie, Peter Blenk, Belinda Haig, Jean Henderson, Angela Lewis, Jenefer Tatham. In attendance: James Sheen.

Climate Change

Remit: minimising Rivermead Court’s carbon footprint, electric vehicle charging, flood defences, insulation, and renewables.

Membership: Michael Kightley (Chair), Keith Bedell Pearce, Nick Green, Tim Soane


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