Inevitably in an estate as large as Rivermead Court there is always some refurbishment work being undertaken. There are therefore strict rules governing noise and disruption to which all contractors must adhere. Here are a few of the basics. If you are appointed by Rivermead Court or a leaseholder to work on site, there will be further guidance issued.

Parking: You may only unload and load within the estate perimeter. You may not park. There are however usually plenty of parking bays in Ranelagh Gardens.

Noise: All work is restricted to 08:00-noon and 13:00-17:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00-noon on Saturday. No noisy work may start before 09:00 am on weekdays and none at all at the weekend.

Materials: Deliveries and waste shall not be left outside the flats. It must all be removed by close of business.

Access to flats: Access for personnel and materials must be by the rear stairs and care must be taken to keep these clear and clean. Exceptionally, with the Estate Manager’s permission, the main stairs/lifts may be used where there is no alternative but, even so, load restrictions must be followed and precautions must be taken not to damage decorations.

Smoking: No smoking is permitted anywhere on the estate outside of flats and then requires the permission of the leaseholder.

Plumbing: All terminations to the communal systems must be by the resident plumber.

Penetrations: None are permitted in the support walls. Exceptions may be allowed by Faraday, the managing agent, where there is no alternative, e.g. for drain pipes.

Licence: All renovations are subject to licence approval and regular inspection during the works by Faraday, the managing agent.

Asbestos: Rivermead Court has had instances of asbestos being found. We have full surveys available for inspection of the common parts. Within flats, it is a matter for the leaseholder. Without a previous survey, contractors within flats are advised to proceed with caution under floors and around vertical pipes if lagged. Original radiator shelves have asbestos rope seals but can be removed safely without specialist equipment with the appropriate precautions. Safety Consulting Parnership will advise as necessary.

Last Updated on 9 June 2022