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Tim Soane (13th June 2023, Director from 5th June 2017)


Trish Babtie (from 14th June 2022)
Keith Bedell-Pearce (from 3rd September 2020)
Fiona Fowler (from 11th June 2012)
Nick Green (from 13th June 2023)
Peter Green (from 16 June 2003)
Michael Kightley (from 22nd November 2022)
Deborah Richards (from 14th December 2010)
Michael Stevens (from 9th June 2014)

Also attending as necessary:
Tania Armstrong (JCF Property Services)
Anne Isaacs (Estate Manager)
Alexandra Gibbs (Garden Committee Chairman)
Jeremy Smith (Weldon Turnbull)
Mitali Kelly (Blue Peak)

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TRISH BABTIE – Bill and I moved to Rivermead Court in 2019 and were delighted to find such a friendly, supportive atmosphere.  I worked as a journalist and in public relations in South Africa before moving to London in 1978.  Later I trained as a Special Educational Needs (SEN) teacher specialising in dyscalculia. I appreciate the chance to join the Board and contribute to the community here.  I am a member of the Garden Committee.

KEITH BEDELL-PEARCE – I have over 50 years of management and board experience, including 10 years as an executive director of Prudential plc. More recently I have been the chairman of a number of businesses in the private and public sectors. I am currently an honorary professor at the University of Warwick, where I am a member of Council and until the end of last month, I was the University’s Treasurer. In 2009, I was awarded a CBE for public service in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

FIONA FOWLER – My association with Rivermead Court goes back more than 50 years. I first came to live here with my parents in 1964. My father was instrumental in buying the block from the Prudential in 1980 and both my parents were on the Board. My brother and his family lived here and they, being keen gardeners, developed the Secret Garden. I was living round the corner and we were all constantly in and out of the place. It was a second home to my children. Norman and I moved here permanently in 2010. As to my background, I spent nearly all my career working in the Parliamentary service, mainly in the economics section of the independent House of Commons Research Department. I was elected to the Board in 2012 and took over as Company Secretary 2 years later. I am on the House Committee and edit the Newsletter. So many of my family have lived here and been so happy here that I am pleased to be able to contribute to ensuring Rivermead Court remains the congenial, friendly place that we all value.

NICK GREEN – Nick first moved to Rivermead Court in 1990. He now shares a flat with his father Peter Green when not in Wiltshire where he has a house near Devizes. His first job was as an oil broker, but he soon joined HSBC as an international manager, the beginning of a 34 year career in banking. With HSBC he lived and worked in a number of countries and cities including Hong Kong, Bahrain, Oman, Korea, Indonesia, New York and Paris as well as London. Following a 10 year spell with Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank he has been back at HSBC for the past 5 years, this time as a consultant. He is married with 3 grown up sons, all of whom spent part of their early childhood at Rivermead. Among many other things, he enjoys horse riding, messing about in boats – and sunshine!

PETER GREEN – I have been familiar with Rivermead Court for over 60 years having worked in the Estate Department of the Prudential which owned the building until its sale in 1980. It is a very special place to me, an oasis of calm in busy Fulham, and I was delighted to become a resident in 1993. I was invited to join the Board in 2004 having previously served on the Exterior Committee.

MICHAEL KIGHTLEY – Jenni and I are recent arrivals. As members of the Hurlingham Club for more than 35 years, we had long contemplated moving here from our home in Weymouth Street, in central London, once we had discharged our caring responsibilities. It has been a wrench, particularly for Jenni who was active in the Marylebone community and parish church, but Rivermead is a delightful location and community. I am an engineer and accountant, and my career has been in financial management and data science roles with Ford, De Beers, Glaxo and in international business intelligence consulting. I still work on international projects in analytics and AI in partnership with colleagues of long-standing and a team of young technical specialists. I was asked to join the Estates Committee and the Board by Thomas Hackett, and I am delighted to be able to contribute.

DEBORAH RICHARDS – Chairman of House Committee – I have lived in Rivermead Court since 1995 and was appointed to the Rivermead Board in December 2010. I work full time as the Head of Diversity & Inclusion for IBM, having previously been a Management Consultant specialising in strategy and organisational change for Pricewaterhouse Coopers. I was delighted to be asked to join the Board by David Tatham as I love living in Rivermead Court, and feel it is important to contribute to the community where I live. I chair the House Committee and have special responsibility for Health & Safety.

TIM SOANE – Giorgina and I fulfilled a long-term ambition to move to Rivermead Court in 2013, having lived in Fulham for 40 years. Like many others, we ‘downsized’, though Giorgina says we “up-sized” massively on the quality of our lives. We refurbished in 2016. Until 2010, I was a senior civil servant in the business department (in its many guises) working on a huge range of regulatory and competitiveness subjects. I now design and run a few websites and play a lot of bridge. I was asked to lead the pipework renewal project in 2016.

MICHAEL STEVENS – Joanna and I have lived in Hurlingham for twenty-five years, moving to Rivermead Court in 2010. I have spent my business career as a chief executive in manufacturing and technology industries after an initial education as an engineer. Asking a simple question about the boilers a couple of years ago quickly resulted in my election (press-ganged may be a more accurate term) to look after ‘heating’ at Rivermead Court in all its ramifications. I joined the Board in 2014.

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