Flat Alterations

Alterations to flats, beyond redecoration and like-for-like replacements, require the permission of the landlord (Rivermead Court Limited). This applies to the removal of walls, plumbing, re-wiring, changes to doors and windows, etc.. Changes to the load-bearing walls are prohibited for obvious reasons. So too are the installation of waste-disposal machines, tinted glass and anything which affects the external appearance of the building, wooden floors (except with permission and suitable acoustic deadening). [Review]

Permission for alterations will not be unreasonably withheld provided the necessary paperwork is in place. For instance, we require to see the indemnity insurance of all contractors on site.

Summary of alterations licensing process

Appendix [to follow]

Guidelines and Regulations July 2021

Checklist for Alterations

Licence to Alter Process tabular

External Awnings January 2021

Addenda to Plumbing Regulations (July 2016)

Water Hygiene Awareness Notice (July 2016)

Last Updated on 21 November 2022